I have called Fond du Lac "Home" my whole life. I detoured to Milwaukee for a Bachelor's degree, but am so happy to be back! When I think Fond du Lac, I think of a family-friendly, tight-knit, and safe community full of people I love, and that is why Fond du Lac will always be home to me. I believe my personality fits right in with the small-town values of Fond du Lac. I value hard work and a genuine approach.

I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 3.5 years with a double major in Psychology and Human Social Services with a 3.8 cumulative gpa. I am intelligent, driven to achieve, problem-solve actively, utilize my resources, and am able to adapt as necessary. I am strategic, organized, detail-oriented, and focused on getting sales done and sales done right! I have a background in advocating for others, so I know what it is like to represent and fight for a client's best interest.

The other part of me is my warm and genuine personality. I am known for my smile, kind heart, and positive attitude. When I invest in a client, I truly care about their needs and the outcome they receive. This part of me is the biggest reason I decided on a career in real estate. With my Psychology and Human Social Services background, there is no denying that helping people is my calling. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a smile on a client's face and helping them reach their goal.

I still remember the thrill of touring houses with my family at age 13, and the excitement of finding "the one" that we would call home. We were forced to look for houses after Fond du Lac's 2008 flood destroyed ours. Although this was a traumatic experience at 13, our realtor made a difference in my life and I never forgot that. Let me make a difference in your life today. Whether buying or selling, let me give back and bring you happiness as we reach your goal together.


Bethany is very friendly and helpful. She is a pleasure to work with!


Bethany was so helpful and amazing, I couldnt have asked for anyone more suited to help me sell my home. She helped me keep my head up through all of the stresses and anxieties I had :)

Caitlyn Oestreich

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