Vince Lombardi Said....

"The Quality of a Person's Life

is in Direct Proportion to

Their Commitment to Excellence"

My Goal.....





"Maigon was very professional, answered all my questions and was fun to be around. I would definitely come back and buy another property with Maigon."

Richard Pfeiffer

"Maigon isn't just my real estate agent, she is also my sister, so when that perfect house went up for sale, Maigon was on the phone to me right away. I was in the last weeks of college, perparing for finals and my NCLEX exams. Maigon contacted inspectors, insurance agents and contractors for me so that I could study and move into my new home without any problems and with minimal confusion and chaos. Maigon treats all of her customers like they are members of our family to ensure that they are satisfied and as thrilled as I am to be in their new home."

Cindy Oleson & Jacki Blue

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